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Autor Wątek: Instrukcja montazu VAPE SZ-13 i SZ-14  (Przeczytany 6030 razy)

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Instrukcja montazu VAPE SZ-13 i SZ-14
« dnia: Wrzesień 02, 2012, 22:23:26 »

O instrukcje prosil Kolega Suchy, wiec wrzucam na strone (zalacznik)!


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Odp: Instrukcja montazu VAPE SZ-13 i SZ-14
« Odpowiedź #1 dnia: Wrzesień 02, 2012, 22:38:11 »

Suchacz, przekaznik gaszenia podlaczasz tak:

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Klemy 85 i 30: masa
Klema 86: stary kabel zasilajacy stare cewki (podlaczony jest do lacza stacyjki nr 15 i do prawego wylacznika zaplonu na kierownicy)


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Odp: Instrukcja montazu VAPE SZ-13 i SZ-14
« Odpowiedź #2 dnia: Październik 13, 2012, 22:30:53 »

Po angielsku dla Doktora ED'a:

Mounting a VAPE ignition on your own (procedure verified on an engine with 6V alternator)

1    Unmount old alternator:

1.1   Disconnect battery to avoid problems.
1.2     Remove right side cover of engine to get access to the electrical stuff.
1.3   Disconnect all cables leading to the alternator and breaker contacts.
1.4   Unmount stator part of alternator, retained by 2 long M6 bolts with hexagon heads.
1.5   Remove central retaining bolt of rotor (a jerk to the left will help).
1.6   Cautiously pull off breaker cam, a hole with a M8 thread will become visible.
1.7   Now the rotor can be removed from the crankshaft cone by turning a long M8 bolt into the central hole. When the bolt touches the end of the crankshaft the rotor will jump off (a jerk to the right may be necessary).
1.8   IMPORTANT! Now shorten the fixation gudgeon which is fitted into the crankshaft cone. It is about 2mm too long, but finally it must fit into the groove of the new magnet rotor.
1.9   Apply a little tip of NeverSeeze to the cone.

2.    Unmount the old electrical stuff:
2.1   Pull old cable harness out of the engine block.
2.2   Remove the old voltage regulator, the cables are useless now. Insulate remaining cable ends (if not removed) or disconnect these cables from the ignition lock.
2.3   Unmount old ignition coils. High tension cables and plugs will be reused!

3    Mounting the new ignition system:
3.1   First of all lead the new cable harness of the stator coil block through the intended holes of the adapter plate (alloy) and the adapter ring (steel).
3.2   The angle position of the coil block is arbitrary, it will fit into 3 positions, but one of these will be best for cable routing - on the left down side.
3.3   Use Loctite 243 to fix the retaining screws of the sensor mounting plate.
3.4   Put new cable harness (including rubber seal) on the same route as the old one was before
3.5   Use two M6 countersunk screws (Loctite!) to mount adapter plate and adapter ring together in the intended position (sensor S01 will be mounted later in its left-top place)
3.6   Mount coil block using 3 M5 allen screws to the adapter plate montieren (Loctite!), don't squeeze the cables!
3.7   Put magnetic rotor onto crankshaft cone, gudgeon must fit into groove!, fix with M6 hex bolt and washer (Loctite!)
3.8   Mount sensor S01 into the rightmost position, each mounting screw retains one white ground cable lug. Take care that the cables do not touch the rotor! The distance between sensor and rotor tappet shall be 0,4mm.
3.9   Connect sensor cable to the yellow plug coming out of the new cable harness.

4.    Mount new voltage regulator:
4.1   The decision whether to keep to the old 6V system or to change to 12V, must have been made now with all implications.
4.2   The new regulator will fit into the position of the old one. It's a matter of taste if the cables are guided away to the top or bottom side. Two black wires provide the regulator with AC energy from the magnetic generator. The red wire is +, directly (without fuse) connected to the battery +. The white wire is ground. The metal regulator case is insulated from the inner circuit and can be connected to ground wihout insulation.

5.    Mounting the new ignition coil module:
5.1   Shorten old high tension cables for approx. 5mm and turn into the ignition coil outlets. Don't forget the rubber seals!
5.2   Mount new ignition coil module (which contains electronical components) where the old coils had been removed, the HT cables should face to the rear side. It might be necessary to make an adapter plate.
5.3   Connect cable harness to ignition coil.

6.   Killswitch: The new ignition can be switched off by means of the kill switch which can be mounted in any place you like. When the switch is operated, the blue wire is connected to ground and the ignition is disabled. Alternatively, you can mount a relay which is activated by the voltage "15" from the ignition lock. If the ignition key is pulled off, the voltage is away, the relay goes back into its unenergized state, and the "normally-closed" contact connects the said blue wire to ground. Attention! The vehicle can be started without ignition key, if this relay is omitted. Better use a locking chain!
« Ostatnia zmiana: Październik 13, 2012, 22:34:00 wysłana przez kichau »


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Odp: Instrukcja montazu VAPE SZ-13 i SZ-14
« Odpowiedź #3 dnia: Grudzień 28, 2013, 09:58:05 »

Instrukcja vape po polsku znaleziona gdzieś w sieci:

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